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laura marie anthony:

Hi! I am a photographer based out of the capitol city of California. My camera and I have lived and traveled all over the country, and we are slowly touring the world. My husband Coday Anthony and I also own Post & Beam Co. - a wedding and lifestyle photography company. When I’m not working on our business, or freelancing for Sacramento News & Review and others, I can usually be found at live shows with camera in hand, or daydreaming of my next traveling adventure!

These are a few of my favorite things:
Deviously caffeinated white mochas, watching way too much Sci-Fi (Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica, or Firefly, anyone?) Vincent Van Gogh, snuggle time with my cats named after great musicians, goofing off with the husband, communing with God, my family & friends, spontaneous visits to SF, Thai food, the smell of paper in bookstores...Tiffany & Co, Radiohead, brunch...the beautiful moments that only my mental camera is quick enough to capture...Paris, New York, the ocean, people watching, going to the drive-in, thrift-shopping, painting, Disneyland, photographing everything, and of course, that delicious and painfully fleeting light at magic hour.